Dynamo | About Us
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About Us

Everything is media. Media is everything.

We now live in a hyper connected world where everything is blurred. A world where ‘above the line’ and ‘below the line’ don’t exist. Where digital is no longer specialist, but an integral part of your communications.

Brands no longer live simply in ‘Marketing’. They live in connected eco-systems where consumers are creating, controlling and distributing your brand and content just as much as you are.

Scary? Or a challenge to be grabbed with two hands? We think both. And one thing’s for sure, this change in media consumption and social behaviour means we can’t plan in silos. We now need to look at how different channels across Paid, Owned and Earned (POE) all connect up to communicate a single idea.

Media planners now command a seat at the creative planning table as insights and ideas really can come from anywhere. Make sure we’re sitting at yours.

The Best of Both Worlds

There are many different types of media agencies to choose from in New Zealand. So what do you go for? Brains or brawn? Generalists or specialists? Independence or integration?

We say ‘Why choose?’ when Dynamo offers the best of both worlds.

We are a strategic communications agency that boasts a team of award winning media planners combined with the buying power of Omnicom Group – New Zealand’s largest media buying operation.

We offer the full breadth of services you would expect of a big agency and the depth of communications, digital, search, data and content planning you would expect of a specialist.

We operate independently of creative agencies but recognise the importance of being integrated into a single process and collaborating with key partners to get the best results.

Let’s start the conversation.